Schools out for the Summer

Thanks for your participation in Burgers for Better Schools (BFBS). We heard your feedback, and on 4/30/17, BFBS will be coming to an end to make way for even better school fundraising opportunities! Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions.

Why is BFBS ending?

We heard your request for a better fundraising platform! In order to connect with our communities in the most beneficial way, we are revamping our program. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

When will my school be paid the money they’ve earned?

All schools in the BFBS program will be paid their remaining balances by the Kula Foundation by the start of June.

Will I still see my BFBS tracker on my Royalty dashboard?

You will no longer see your BFBS tracker on your Royalty dashboard after May 1st. But never fear – we’ve heard your feedback and are developing an even better way to support our local schools!

Where can I find more information about Red Robin’s new program?

We will be updating our fundraising page with details and links to new information. Feel free to bookmark it and check back soon for new developments!