Team Member Testimonials

I went from Server to General Manager in four years, and I have Red Robin to thank for coaching me in the skills I needed to be successful today.


I have been working for Red Robin for almost 4 years. The managers treat me really well… they are like family! Without this position I would not be able to be where I am today.


My teammates are like my extended family. We really care about each other and that makes working at Red Robin very rewarding.


I have become a much more patient person due to Red Robin's Core Values.


I've been with Red Robin for four years and I just came back from my first New Restaurant Opening – what a great feeling to impact new Red Robin Team Members! It was a two week adrenaline rush! How exciting!


I came to Red Robin looking for a job, 9 years later I found my career. I have stayed with Red Robin because of the genuine way they take care of their people.


I have worked for Red Robin for 6 months. I work here because it is a very inviting atmosphere with a caring staff. The managers really care about what goes on in our lives inside and outside of work. I feel appreciated and enjoy interacting with the Guests and making their experience great.


I have worked at Red Robin for about a year and a half now. It has been a great experience and a lot of fun. The managers are always friendly and they always provide help when you need it. I love working for Red Robin!


The reasons why I started working at Red Robin are that the restaurant is close to home and it's a fun place to work, plus I have flexible hours (which I needed because I have a full time day job), and earn great money. The food is awesome, too, which I was already eating on a regular basis.


I started as a server and a year later became an New Restaurant Opening Trainer! I certified on every position in the Front of House and by the 3rd year certified as a Mid-Manager! There is so much opportunity for advancement but, you have to work hard to get results and move up with Red Robin.


I have about 15+ years of Server experience and what I like most about working at Red Robin is that the management staff pretty much lets me be the professional that I am. I also really like the health care benefits that I am afforded by working for the company.


I love everyone I work with, including my management team. I could not imagine working anywhere else! It is like one big family!


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You'll use your approachable nature and friendly smile to guide Guests through a fun and satisfying dining experience. It is up to you to ensure Guests are seated at a clean and properly set table and be comfortable making menu suggestions. From there you will need to take their orders accurately, as well as serve their drink and food orders in a timely manner while using safe food and beverage handling skills.


It is your friendly demeanor our Guest sees first, make it a lasting impression! You will greet the Guest and guide them to a fun dining experience. While your interaction with the Guests may be brief, you are representing the restaurant to those who want a satisfying dining experience. You should know how to book a reservation if needed, open and close certain sections of the restaurant according to the flow of business and be prepared to seat Guests at a fast pace during busy times.

Line Cook

You will learn the Red Robin style of food preparation, which includes cutting, sautéing, broiling, frying and cooking various meals such as meats, fish, poultry, vegetables, soups, salads and other ingredients. You will also need to follow a recipe book on Red Robin foods and with food safety and cleanliness in mind, prepare food in a timely manner, all while keeping your tickets in order.


In your role you will be keeping your co-workers and Guests worry free by adhering to safe food handling and cleanliness rules. In addition to keeping our dishes sparkling clean you'll also perform tasks such as taking out trash and sweeping.


You should have a basic knowledge of mixing drinks. You will be required to master the Red Robin recipe book, which will be your guide in preparing the drink of choice for our Guests. You'll be required to monitor and re-stock the bar inventory, prep mixers and garnishes, in addition to preparing all the extras that go into our alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.