Team Member Testimonials

Red Robin is the type of company that the only thing limiting your growth is you. You can go as far and as high as you want to.


Red Robin has created an environment for me to love my job. I am challenged, praised, and rewarded every day. It's great to work for a company that truly has your best interest at heart and I know Red Robin does!


Red Robin is the most passionate, consistent, fair, people-oriented company that I have ever worked for.


As a candidate 8 years ago, I learned of our Core Values, Honor, Integrity, Seeking Knowledge and Having Fun, and after 8 years we still live by them.


I strive everyday to pass along the opportunities that have been afforded to me by this company and its people to the next generation of Crazy Loyal and Passionate Leaders.


Red Robin has not only taught me how to strive as a leader, but also shown me the true meaning of team work. No matter what Red Robin you're at, the feel of true team work shines through in each restaurant.


Red Robin provides one of the greatest management career opportunities in the industry; Quality at Work and Quality of Life.


Red Robin has given me leaders who challenge and develop me; opportunities to grow, as well as skills to teach others.


Red Robin is not just another restaurant; it is an opportunity to be a part of an unbridled culture unlike any other. Once you join this group, you will never look elsewhere.


To those considering joining our team, we offer growth opportunities for those who chart their own courses. Nothing comes easy however Red Robin has a need for long term partners and I am very proud to be a part of their success story.


Red Robin offers me a challenging place to work. But yet it's FUN! Coming in and interacting with Guests and Team Members alike always makes my day.


Red Robin has been a great place to meet some amazing people and develop my career in ways I never thought possible.


I am so proud to be a part of this team that my license plate is "RRYUMM"!


Red Robin is a growing company that recognizes its people and rewards hard work with opportunities.


Red Robin is a company that recognizes and rewards hard work and results. I am impressed daily with the company's passion for high standards and training. Both are second to none.


I am fortunate to work for a company, like Red Robin, who has Core Values and cornerstones where most all other places do not. Most in importantly I love working with my team day in and day out and being able to make a positive impact on our Guest and community. YUMM!.


Red Robin is the first company I have worked for that I feel really cares about me. I have achieved every goal I have set out to conquer with the help of my supervisors. Hard work is acknowledged and rewarded at Red Robin!



You are responsible for running a successful restaurant. You need to always aim high, as it reflects in the way you directly supervise your 100+ hourly and 3+ salaried Manager Team Members in both the front and heart of house. Your professionalism and friendly demeanor have earned you a place in the Guests' hearts, if not on their social media pages. You are a steward of the community. You instill your regard for high moral standards in your Team Members, many of who look to you as a mentor. To you, tricky issues are challenges, not problems. You are the ultimate go to person.


You have the final say-so in hiring your Team Members and you will be consulted when it comes to disciplinary actions. You also will have the responsibility to train, lead and develop your salaried Managers and hourly Team Members. You promote and support the importance of safety throughout all departments of the restaurant so your restaurant complies with all OSHA, and local health and safety codes. As the leader, you will be responsible for enforcing the company guidelines to your team members. But mostly, you'll handle everything that comes your way and you report about it to your Regional Operations Director.


Along with overseeing that front of house hourly Team Members take care of our Guests, you'll need to bring your A-list management skills and approachable manner to the table in order to support your restaurant hiring and development while keeping the front lines rolling. Your enthusiasm for our product is contagious and it's your responsibility to motivate your Team Members by encouraging our Core Values. You'll be held accountable for the effective scheduling and planning of 20-30 hourly Team Members within an organized, clean and professional environment. Your goal is to make sure that the Guests are happy; that they are served their food and beverages up to company standards while keeping an eye on a profitable bottom line.


Reporting to the General Manager, you will also be held accountable for writing up the end-of-shift reports covering daily labor, food control and sales, use Guest feedback to evaluate their service so that they stay faithful, ensure compliance with OSHA requirements, as well as Company and local health and safety codes and other assigned responsibilities.