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We couldn’t be more proud of our Team Members who take our B.U.R.G.E.R. Values to heart – using them to better someone’s day (or someone’s life). These B.U.R.G.E.R. Stories are the core of what makes our culture and our brand so special. And that’s why it’s so important we pass these stories on – sharing them with peers and managers so that they’ll get the recognition they deserve.

Living the Dream
Tempe, AZ
My 4 year old daughter and her nanny visited your location at Tempe Marketplace in Tempe, Arizona. As she and her nanny waited for their meal, my daughter, Sophie, was playing waitress. A couple of your staff members noticed what she was playing and decided to absolutely make her day. They gave her a Red Robin apron, made her a nametag with her name on it, and gave her a bill holder; including a $1 tip. Even better than that, some of them sat down in an empty booth and let Sophie take their order, and entertained her while she waited for her food. Our nanny took some great pictures, and when she dropped my daughter off, she was over the moon talking about her experience at your restaurant. My ex-wife and I are extremely thankful for your staff going above and beyond to make our daughter enjoy her time at your restaurant, and I just wanted to make sure you knew about these tremendous gestures. You have won a guest for life in my daughter, and we will make sure to take her back!
Turlock, CA

Guest Comment
Although I did not dine at your Turlock location, I did end up in its parking lot due to a flat tire. When I spotted three of your employees in the parking lot, I asked if one of them could help me change my flat. Jim immediately stepped forward, without hesitation or question, and walked toward my car to help. This was a relieving sight since this was my first flat tire while on the road.

During this visit, I was struck by many things. First, I was happily surprised by Jim's ease and willingness to help me, even in the middle of his work day. Changing a tire is messy work, and I greatly appreciated his help. Second, I felt refreshed by his calm and pleasant nature amid my own stressful one. I work in the service industry and find that such qualities are all too rare. I am writing this to simply say that Jim is the kind of person and employee that adds value to your company--and to my experience as a long-time Red Robin customer.

Special Night Out
Folsom, CA

I had arranged for a family to visit our Creekside restaurant for a much needed night out. It is a family of five and their youngest is a 4-year-old boy who is suffering from brain cancer and has been given only a short time to live. However, on the day of the visit, I was informed that little Luke was getting too sick to travel from their home in Cameron Park all the way to Roseville, as being in the car for that long creates a lot of discomfort and pain.

Not to give up on their night out, I called the team at Folsom to see if they could make this happen for the family. Without even a blink of an eye or a second thought, Chris, the manager on duty, jumped into action and, in true Red Robin spirit, went above and beyond for the family. When the family arrived at the restaurant, their table was ready and the Team was ready to go into action. Chris, another manager on duty, not only made sure that the tables were ready, but that a Team Member could jump into the Red suit and pay a special visit to Luke. Weak from treatment, Luke hasn’t even been able to force a smile in weeks. When Red came to the table, mom and dad were shocked when Luke looked up and showed Red a great big smile. I can’t tell you how much it meant to a mom and dad to see their son smile for the first time in a long time. For a family dealing with such a tragedy and not knowing how long they will be able to spend with their sweet 4-year-old boy, having a night out and being taken care of in such a great way was amazing.

Thank you Team Folsom! A special thank you to managers– Chris, Chris; Nicole for being a spectacular server; and Vanessa for being Red; and to the whole team who brought a smile to Luke’s face. I can’t begin to tell all of you how much it meant to a family in need. Luke’s mom, Jennifer, told me, “Tonight is a memory I will cherish forever.”

Welcome Home, Brandon
Lincoln, CA
My son graduated from tech school in the Air Force Reserves and was coming home. He wanted to go to Red Robin for dinner so we called our local Red Robin. The occasion was discussed and the manager, Phil, said not to worry about a thing, that he would take care of everything. When we arrived we were welcomed by a huge banner that read "Welcome Home, Brandon" plastered across the front door of Red Robin! Phil held the door for us and welcomed us in and Brandon was very surprised to see his family and friends there. Our group arrived to tables decked out in red, white and blue balloons. Phil then stood on a chair and announced to the whole restaurant that Brandon was coming home from tech school in the Air Force Reserves as a fire fighter. Brandon was totally overwhelmed and had to wipe away a few tears. I've never seen service like that before and I've never seen a restaurant manager put so much effort into his customers like that before. I want to thank Red Robin, Taylor, and Phil for all he did for us. We will be talking about that night for years to come.
Taking care of guests
Riverbank, CA
A very heartfelt thank you to your Regional manager, General Manager and Team Members, at your Riverbank location for the concern they showed for my mother while she was in the hospital. While I was there helping my dad, we ate at Red Robin several times and each time the show of support for my father was above and beyond. Even though I am back in Washington now, my dad told me that when he took mom to Red Robin after she came home from the hospital, the managers and team members showed an overwhelming welcome back and were so glad to see her again. They had a plaque for the table where they always sit. During her time in the recovery center a couple of your Team Members, including your Manager, stopped by to say hello. They also brought my mother flowers and her favorite burger. The Riverbank team deserves something special.
A Milkshake Craving
Valencia, CA
A 67-year-old man had gone missing for more than six days and the family put on a man hunt to find him. He was involved in a car crash that left him stranded in a 200 foot ravine. He had multiple injuries and was unable to climb his way out. He survived by drinking water out of the creek and eating leaves and bugs. After the family found him the first thing he asked for was a chocolate malt shake. After finding out about this story, the team at Valencia decided to get this gentleman what he wanted. The General Manager contacted the hospital to find out if we could get him that milkshake. The doctors told him that he was unable to drink a milkshake at this time so the Valencia team decided to feed the family of 12 that was at the hospital and also gave the man a gift card for a year's worth of free Red Robin milkshakes. The family was blown away by the kindness and generosity of our team.
Cecilia's Wish
Thousand Oaks, CA



The Thousand Oaks Team was approached with an opportunity to host a Make A Wish lunch for Cecilia, a 12-year-old battling leukemia. The team raised more than $200 to provide her with a table full of decorations, CDs, cupcakes, and a cake, and the lunch was a hit! We received the following comment from the family.

Guest Comment:
I am so grateful to you and the entire crew for all you did for Cecilia. What a wonderful experience! The kids talked about it the rest of the day. I can't thank you enough.



A Military Thank You
University Town Center, CA
Guest Comment
First, I'd like to say our server Angelina was so great! When she took our order, my daughter and I told her we were just enjoying the one day she had by having lunch there. My daughter is in the Navy and only had the a few hours before having to return to her ship, leaving me and her 2-year-old daughter (She is a single mother so I care for her baby when she is gone). Angelina said, "Thank you for your military service. Every day is Memorial Day for you." When I asked for the bill, Angelina told us that she and the manager took care of it! My daughter stood up and hugged Angelina to thank her. I want Angelina to know that she made the few short hours we had together more special and we greatly appreciate it!
Supporting One of Our Own
Manteca, CA

As most of you know, Team Manteca has been actively supporting and assisting in the fight against leukemia for Jane, the wife of one of our Team Member's. Over the last year, Team Manteca has come together in ways which can only be described as Unbridled passion! Here is what we've done to support our fellow Team Member and Jane: Manteca walked for 24 hours in support of finding a cure for cancer. We want to thank our Team, as well as Joe from Pleasanton, for taking the time to assist in this very important cause. To raise money for the walk we held bake sales, candy sales, blanket sales and collected pledges from family and friends to raise over $1,300.

A huge thanks also to everyone who participated in blood drives to support Jane. Delta Blood Bank partnered with us earlier this year and agreed to donate ten dollars for every person who donated blood. During Manteca's first drive we had 54 registered donors. FOX40 News even got involved, with over 113 registered donors, and set us up with the National Donor Association. I would also like to send a huge thank you to Jesse in Creekside for also hosting a blood and bone marrow drive where they had 80 registered donors and conducted raffles to raise over $700 in additional money for the family.

All in all we had 247 folks donate blood which is equivalent to saving 741 person's lives, and $2,470 from Delta Blood Bank. Between the Giving Fund, Manteca fundraising, Pleasanton fundraising, Creekside fundraising and the Delta Blood Bank, we have raised $9,370 to help with some medical expenses.

Because of these events, Jane was able to receive her bone marrow transplant, she is still battling for her life but now she has a much better chance, and her daughters and husband have much more hope.

Sammy's Birthday Wish
Woodland, CA

We received a phone call from a gentleman named Ken, who is the family friend of a young lady named Sammy. In speaking with Ken, we learned that Sammy was diagnosed with a terminal form of bone cancer. Unfortunately, we also found out that doctors feared that Sammy may not make it to her 16th birthday. The purpose of Ken's call was to see if Sammy could be granted a special birthday wish, which was to be the very first guest ever at the newest Red Robin in her hometown. He explained that Red Robin was Sammy's favorite restaurant and it had always been her dream to be the very first guest at a Red Robin. As fate would have it, Sammy's 16th birthday was the first day of our Sneak Previews prior to the Grand Opening. Team Woodland decided to make this wish come true.

Kim and her new management team planned the most spectacular birthday party anyone has ever seen. Team Members joined together to ensure Sammy would not only be the first guest, but that her 16th birthday would be the most memorable. We learned that Sammy's favorite color was hot pink, her favorite animals were zebras, and that her favorite artist is Eminem. Because of her diagnosis, there was a fear that this day might not happen. It was our goal to give Sammy something to look forward to. We decided that Red needed to make a special appearance at her home and personally hand her a custom made invitation, along with a Red Robin letterman's jacket, and invite her over for her birthday. Needless to say, Sammy was a bit surprised to see Red and Kim show up at her house! The glow in her eyes was the first sign of hope her mother had seen in her daughter in a very long time. Red invited Sammy and 30 of her closest family members and friends to Red Robin for her birthday.

Sammy showed up and was escorted in by a standing ovation of Red Robin Team Members, as the very first guest ever at the Woodland Red Robin. Her tables were decorated in hot pink, surrounded by pink balloons, a zebra pattern rug, presents and cards from Team Members, and even a custom made blanket in honor of her birthday. As the first tickets were rung in, Heart of House Team Members were chanting Sammy's name and wished her a happy birthday from the cook's line. The very first official red basket came out and was delivered to Sammy. After lunch, approximately 50 Team Members brought out a cake and sang Happy Birthday to Sammy the “Red Robin” way. The smile on her face stretched across cheek to cheek as she blew out the candles. I was given the honor to stand up and address the crowd of “Sammy's Dream Team” to deliver one more present that only Red Robin could give. Team Woodland gave Sammy her very own booth! She was presented a plaque that read, “This Booth is Dedicated to Sammy April 21, 2011.” That plaque is now a permanent fixture. It will forever be Sammy's booth.

There was not a dry eye in the entire restaurant! Actually, that's not entirely true. Sammy's eyes were not full of tears, they were full of life. In all my years, I have never seen the amount of joy and excitement as I saw in Sammy's eyes. It was truly inspirational and it was a moment that Sammy, nor her friends, her family and Team Woodland will ever forget.

Supporting a Team Member's Family
Manteca, CA

Team Manteca has an exceptional Team Member, who is not just our Team Member, but is part of our Red Robin Family. A few years ago his wife fell ill with cancer. Against all odds, she beat it! Last summer, the cancer cells had returned and were diagnosed as Leukemia. In October, 2010, a week before Halloween, she was admitted to UC Davis. She was hoping to be home by Thanksgiving, then by Christmas. UC Davis would be her home for the next two and half months. I am happy to report, she finally got the go ahead, and was welcomed home by her family.

She has had several blood transfusions and will also need to have a bone marrow transplant. With no medical insurance, these costs are extremely high, so our team submitted a request to the giving fund. The family received $5,000 to help ease some stress. Because we know their medical expenses far exceeded $5,000, we helped to make a nice Christmas for their young daughters. We raised $1,014 during three weeks by servers donating a portion of their tips every day; Pleasanton donated $200 from their Team Member fundraiser; our Team Member Christmas party; and wearing orange ribbons. Out of the money we donated to the Team Member, he actually gave a portion of the funds to other Team Members who were struggling financially. Wow!

Team Manteca partnered with the Kiwanis Club of Manteca. We hosted a successful blood drive in honor of the Team Member's wife. Delta Blood Bank got involved right away and offered to donate $10 for every person who donated blood. We had 47 donors and 31 of them were first-time donors. Delta Blood Bank ended up donating $570 to UC Davis towards her transfusion costs. These actions led to others getting involved including FOX40 News, who is hosting a blood drive, and Region 10 will also host another blood drive in her honor. The same donation from Delta Blood Bank still applies.

Over the last few months I had the pleasure of getting to know our Team Member's wife, her daughters, mother, father and brother. The strength, positive spirits and their willingness to help others in need, even with their changing lives, is unique. They are so appreciative of all the support we have given them.

Repaying with Kindness
Aurora (Cornerstar), CO
A friend of mine’s child lost his wallet last weekend with $300 he had been saving for 2 years. When they realized he had lost it, they contacted the places they had been. The Red Robin in Aurora CO returned their call to let them know his wallet had been found. They returned to restaurant to get wallet and money was gone, a tough lesson to learn... The manager, Parker, contacted them the next day and invited them to come back for dinner as they felt horrible that this had occurred. The family went back to Red Robin to find that the restaurants employees had pooled their money together and replaced what was lost. You don't hear enough about the good people do in this world and I believe this story needs to be shared. So, if you are in the mood for a good burger and want good people to serve you then give Red Robin at 6795 S Cornerstar Way Aurora, CO 80016/Parker and Arapahoe, your business. What a good team!
A Small Gift
Boulder, CO
My house had just burned down when we went to Red Robin. The staff was over-the-top kind to my daughter and me. Our server, Jessie, took a collection from the whole staff and she ran next door to Safeway and bought a teddy bear, bag of chocolates and a $50 American Express gift card! She called my daughter over and gave it to her. She came back to the table crying and showed me what they gave her, and I started crying, too! I could not believe their kindness. To top it off, the manager on duty, Dimitry, bought our dinner. I thanked him and he said, "Please don't worry about it. We are happy to help." I also talked to the General Manager, Eric, and he said the same thing. I have worked in the food industry for 12 years and have never met a staff as exceptional as this one!
Natalie's Wish
Cornerstar, CO
The Make A Wish Foundation called to see if the Cornerstar Red Robin could host Natalie — a 5-year-old girl with cancer who dreams of being a princess — and her family, for dinner. Manager Donna, General Manager John, and the team at Cornerstar decorated a table and pulled out all the stops to make Natalie feel like a real princess! They were set up when Princess Natalie arrived with a sign on the door and an arch leading to her kingdom. Red was there to greet her. It turns out she really loves him. They found a Cinderella costume for the day for one of the servers, who really got into character for this. The Team Members and her family thought it was a very magical moment. At the end, Red Robin presented Natalie with an album of all the pictures took before and during her visit. Mike, the Assistant General Manager, came in on his day off to take the pictures and make copies while they ate. This meant a lot to all of them.
Gianna's Wish
Park Meadows, CO



Make A Wish called to tell me that Gianna, an 11-year-old girl who has a brain tumor, wanted to come to the Park Meadows Red Robin for lunch as part of her wish. I reached out to Cheri, General Manger at Park Meadows, and she said they would do everything they could to make lunch for Gianna and her family a special and memorable meal.

Park Meadows hosted a lunch for Gianna and her family. Team Member Melissa bought decorations in Gianna's favorite color, purple, and bought some gifts for her, as well. The Heart of House kitchen team, including Chef Dave and the Regional Food and Beverage Directors who were in town, took a picture with Gianna and gave her a special Heart of House hat.



A Congratulatory Meal
The Avenue Forsyth, GA

Guest Comment
Six months ago I had the absolute best experience at Red Robin. I was 38 weeks pregnant, huge and hungry. Since I was scheduled to be induced that day, I decided that before checking into the hospital I was going to indulge in the most delicious dinner. I immediately chose Red Robin.

Our waitress came to take our drink order; she asked about my pregnancy and seemed genuinely excited when we told her I was scheduled to have a baby in two hours. She was the perfect waitress throughout our meal. At the end of the meal, she came back and congratulated us again on the baby. She also handed me a copy of Goodnight Moon that the entire staff had signed. I can't begin to tell you what a sweet gesture that was. Another waiter came by to congratulate us and asked which hospital I would be delivering at. He sensed how nervous I was about the upcoming delivery and told me that he interned there so he knew I would be in good hands.

Hopefully someday my husband and I will get out of the house again to enjoy a meal in a restaurant again. When that day comes, I know we will be returning to Red Robin!

To the Rescue
Coeur d'Alene, ID
This morning I got a call from a woman that I have been mentoring. She is a single mom and struggles a lot juggling her kids, work and school. Her apartment caught fire last night and she and her two kids were devastated. I called work and asked Jason, the morning Manager on Duty, if I could take the morning off so I could help her. Without hesitating, he got my shift covered with no problem. While I was out helping her, I managed to round up about four guys to help salvage some of her things and put them in storage. Around 1 p.m. I called Red Robin and asked the afternoon Manager on Duty, Alicia, if Red Robin could give these guys some cheeseburgers while they were helping her. She didn't even hesitate to say yes. I knew I could count on Red Robin to help me with this. We got a temporary place for my friend and her two daughters to live and are working on getting them new clothes and furniture while their apartment gets remodeled.
Milestone Celebration
Plainfield, IL
Guest Comment
We had an amazing evening with a large group. We asked a couple of friends who lived close by to go in early to get our tables. When they arrived they told the staff that we were celebrating five years off of chemo for my daughter. When we arrived we were presented with a card signed by all the staff for my daughter and some other goodies along with a complimentary dessert. Both servers were amazing with our large group, and all congratulated my daughter on being cancer free. They also gave her a “Heart of the House” hat, a bracelet and a gift card to come back for another visit. Absolutely Amazing! We have always had great service before but this was so above and beyond!
The "We Believe Project"
Schererville, IN
After traveling to several states and volunteering for those in-need, two Red Robin Team Members, Sylwia and Egle, from the Schererville Red Robin, began a non-profit organization last year called the We Believe Project. The mission of the organization is to volunteer while inspiring others to volunteer and take an active role in their own communities.
Calling Home
Florence, KY

Guest Comment
Our daughter, Alexa, who lives in Erlanger, Ky., was told today that she has thyroid cancer. Alexa is a wife and mom of three beautiful little girls; Bella, 8; Gabi, 6; and Olivia, 2. After calling Brian, her husband, to give him the news, Brian said he had a $25 gift card for Red Robin. Knowing how much she liked to eat there, Brian told her to order something for herself and the girls. While on hold when placing her order, Alexa was explaining to their daughters’ friend the news she just received when a Red Robin Team Member on the other end of the phone told her that he had heard the conversation and that his wife was a cancer survivor. He then asked for her order and Alexa explained what she needed but that she needed to keep the cost under $25 as they had no extra income to pay for more.

Shawn, the general manager who took her order, said “Don’t worry about it, dinner is one me.” Alexa was so grateful that she called me and told me about the experience. She was so touched by the kindness in his voice and generous gesture. When Brian came after work to pick up the food, he asked if he could add some food to the order and still use the gift card. He was given the menu and told to order anything he wanted! Words cannot express how much this meant to their family at this time of sadness and uncertainty.

Upon arriving home with bags of food, the family was surprised to find a Red Robin pin, a set of Red Robin glasses, a $50 Red Robin gift card and four tickets to AMC Movie Theaters. On top of it all, there was a card signed by all the Team Members at the restaurant. Again, Alexa called me and said, “I want to tell you what I found before I start to cry!” As she described each item, she commented about how grateful they were for the food, but even more, how incredibly thoughtful it was that the staff came together and found a way to brighten the day of the entire family. We talked about how important it will be to pay this forward, which in itself, gave us all hope!

As Alexa’s parents, we can’t thank you all enough for what you have done. Simply, you have given us a happy ending to a very sad day.

Helping a Soldier's Family
Brownsboro Crossing, KY
My sister was leaving for Iraq and she chose Red Robin as her "last meal" before leaving. My mother said something about letting my sister order first because she was going to Iraq tomorrow and not much was thought of it. While we were waiting for our drinks, I looked at my parents and they were staring at each and just bawling. This was my sister's second deployment to Iraq and I myself have been there twice, as well. It is hard on them and they were not doing well. Before the appetizers showed up, Mike, the manager came up to us and said, "I understand someone is going to Iraq tomorrow for a year." My sister acknowledged it. Mike then said, "On behalf of Red Robin we would like to show our appreciation to you and your family and tonight's dinner is on us. We understand this is not an easy time for you and we want to bless your evening with us. Thank you for your service." During the meal I snuck away and personally thanked Mike for their support. Between my sister and I, we have missed four birthdays, six Christmases, and six Thanksgivings away from family and that it meant a lot to my parents that he did that. When the meal was over Mike returned and he said, "We want you to be safe and smart over there because when you come back we want to honor your return and want your first meal back home to be on us, as well," and he gave her a $25 gift card. Of course, my parents cried again and hugged him. Thank you for your support of the soldiers. We appreciate Mike's gracious gift that night.
Coming Together for Maddy
Augusta, ME

Team Member Comment
Many of you have heard the story of little Maddy. Maddy’s mom, Wendy, is a Team Member at our Augusta, Maine restaurant. She is a single mom who moved out here from Oregon a few years ago and is raising both 10-year-old Maddy and 8-year-old Sophie who is autistic. Maddy began having headaches a couple of months ago and doctors chalked it up to various things, but that came to a head when Maddy had a seizure a few weeks ago. When she went to the hospital she was rushed to surgery to have a cancerous tumor removed from her brain. Maddy’s surgery went well but she will begin chemotherapy next week and her rehab has just begun. With that said her surgery was a success.

The Augusta team stepped up immediately. Alison, the manager, alerted the region of our Team Member in need and immediately there were plans in place. Wendy told us that orange is Maddy’s favorite color so teams donated any denomination of money for the honor of wearing an orange ribbon or shirt for a day. Restaurants blew up only orange balloons to show support. The word got out to other regions all over the East Coast starting with Region 51 and they joined in. It extended south to Virginia and west to Chicago and Iowa then to our Home Office where Denny, our chief marketing officer, and her Menu and Marketing team sported their orange, collected donations and cut a check for over $1,000!!!

Additionally Wendy told me Maddy enjoys collecting post cards. I sent out a simple email to a few people I knew in the company and WOW! She said she has received more than a hundred post cards in the past two weeks from just about every U.S. state and our franchises partners in Canada! Team Members told family members who are in the service or overseas and they got involved. Maddy said she has received post cards from Germany, France, and up and down the European coast! She even received some German chocolates. Wendy and Maddy both said that was a very important moment for them when it came to positive thinking.

When you surround yourself with the best PEOPLE in the industry you can’t help but win. When an entire company, its franchise partners, vendors and family of Team Members come together to support a little girl they have never met in Maine, it is LEGENDARY!

Birthday Soldier
Lake Forest, MD
Team Member Comment
My youngest brother Levi is a member of the Air Force Special Forces T.A.C.P. unit, and I am a Red Robin Team Member at the Simi Valley, CA restaurant. On November 16, we received a call that Levi was wounded in Afghanistan. Levi has had a total of 10 surgeries to attempt to repair the damage done to his left arm. Levi was awarded a Purple Heart and has had the opportunity to meet President Obama and the first lady. His 23rd birthday was on January 25. The Team at Lake Forest is so great! Several Team Members and their Manager Maggie went to visit Levi in the hospital and took Red and a beautiful cake over to see him. I am so grateful to the Team at Lake Forest for taking the time to visit him. It is very difficult for me to do the things I would like to do for him being so many miles away in CA, but I felt like through Red Robin I was there to celebrate his birthday with him. So a very special thanks to Team Lake Forest for their thoughtfulness and for this great Unbridled Act. Thank you again Team Lake Forest, words cannot express my gratitude.
Helping a Family
Fredrick, MD
A little girl came in for her sixth birthday. Her parents, one of which just transferred from Fort Brag, were very happy she made it to her sixth birthday because she was born with only one chamber in her heart. Since then, she has had 14 surgeries and many more to come. The parents also adopted a 4-year-old who has cancer and four other diseases. Their server, Sara, donated ten dollars of her own money to the family to help the kids. She even wrote them a note telling them how brave they were. When they were leaving, the kids were so thankful that they have Sara a hug and a kiss on the cheek goodbye.
Ice Cream Kindness
Germantown, MD
Guest Comment
I took my kids to the park over the weekend and the ice cream truck arrived while we were getting ready to go home. While trying to explain to my 5-year-old that I didn't have any cash available to buy a cone, my 7-year-old received two bars from a lady that was buying some for her own kids. I told my son that he should never receive anything from strangers and he said, "She is the Red Robin lady." I turned around, but she was already gone. We went to the restaurant to personally thank her but were told she went to work at another location. I wanted to recognize this random act of kindness.
Lindsey's Wish
Towson, MD
Allison at the Make-a-Wish Foundation contacted us regarding a little girl named Lindsey, who was getting her "wish." They were sending her to Disney World and they asked her where her favorite place to eat was, and she said Red Robin. When Lindsey and her family, accompanied by Allison from Make-a-Wish, came in for dinner, Red and our whole staff presented her with a cake and a big bag of presents, and even some for her sister. The look on her face said everything. We heard her say, "Mom, the Red Robin Bird went all out. I can't believe he gave me all these presents." I am very proud of my entire staff for going above and beyond... I believe in Red Robin!
Help from the Bartenders
Towson, MD

Guest Comment
I was freezing cold, missed the bus, and my cell phone had died, leaving my babysitter with no way to reach me if there was an emergency with my 3-year-old. Your hostesses handled my panicked state with ease, giving me reassurance and introducing me to the bartenders, Kim and Frank. Despite being extremely busy, they took the time to rearrange power cords so I could charge my phone. Within ten minutes I had been fed, given a drink, and given the bus schedule (which they looked up and wrote out for me without me even asking!) Despite the crowded bar and the fact that it was nearing closing time, these two employees were clearly eager and happy to help. To say that they went above and beyond would be an understatement to say the least.

My practice is downtown, and as a result I frequent many "high-end" five-star restaurants. Never in any of my visits to these restaurants have I ever received a fraction of the quality of service that Kim and Frank provided me with tonight. Thank you for providing such wonderful service. It truly made a very hard night enjoyable and relaxing!

Helping a Guest
Towson, MD
Guest Comment
My 2-year-old son has been sick for a couple of days and when we asked him if he was ready to eat something he wanted a "cheeseburger and the lady to bring him balloons." Of course that meant Red Robin. We decided to call in a carry out order. I spoke with Erika, told her my son had been sick and asked if he could get a balloon. When my husband walked through our door with dinner, he had the carry out bag with several balloons tied to it.When I opened up the bag, she had written, "Feel Better!" You just don't understand how wonderful that was. It meant so much to us that she took the time and care to make sure that my little boy was happy.
A Birthday Surprise
South Ridge, NE



A few months ago we received a letter from the mother of a soldier serving in Iraq. She asked me if we could send her son, Nathan, a gift for his birthday so he could enjoy a great meat when he returned. Team South Ridge came together and prepared a huge care package to send to Nathan.

In return, Nathan wrote a letter to the staff that said, "Thank you so much for your birthday wishes! Your staff went out of their way to make my birthday a memorable one here in Iraq. I can't thank you enough for all the cards, gift cards, and care packages you sent! The thoughtfulness and care you have shown will never be forgotten… without the support of you and others like you our mission would not be the same, not to mention my birthday either. Thank you all so much!"



Making a Guest Smile
Western Springs, NE

Excerpt from online story on KETV, ABC Channel 7 in Omaha, Neb.
Austin's family said his mother, Robin, died Friday from a little known condition called Adhesion-Related Disorder. Because his mother's name was Robin, he said he decided to eat at the Red Robin restaurant on 180th Street. He said he ordered macaroni and cheese; and then broke down. "I started to cry and Jay came here and asked if there was anything he could do to help; and my dad said we were fine but then I wanted to tell him what happened," Austin said. "He told me the story and my heart was breaking for him," the waiter Jay said. "He said, ‘You know, I could just use some support.'" Jay used his tip money to send a coworker on an errand.

The workers bought a card and a photo album at Target for the child. Austin had carried family photos with him to the restaurant, and they now reside in the new album. Every worker in the restaurant signed a card for Austin, as well. That simple act of compassion led to a complete change in the boy's outlook.

A Perfect Send Off
Orchard Park, NY
Guest Comment
My son is being deployed to Afghanistan I called to ask if they would maybe sing a song of good luck to him. Alicia answered the phone and was so pleasant and helpful and said of course we can. I was keeping this a secret from my son because I knew he wouldn’t go if I did anything. To our surprise they led us to a special decorated table of army men and red white and blue streamers. Ken told us they had appetizers on the way for us and had everyone working sign a huge thank you card for my son. It was really more than I expected, as I only asked for a song. Alicia and Ken and everyone went way out of their way to thank my son for his service and we had a really great time. I can’t say enough of how appreciative we are. I would like you to know how special your workers are and should be commended. Please let all of the Team Members at Red Robin in Orchard Park, N.Y., know that we are thankful! We will be coming back, especially when my son comes home from Afghanistan.
To the Rescue
Webster, NY



Guest Comment
My wife and I were traveling from your restaurant at approximately 11 p.m. As we were on our way home to Greece we had a flat tire and one of your employees was following us at the time as we were crossing the lake on Route 104. He saw that we barely made it to the side of the road; he pulled over and backed up to us, introduced himself and changed our flat tire. I have a bad back so there is no way my wife or I could have changed the tire. I just want to say thank you one last time to Brad, who is a life saver and if not for him we might still be waiting for a tow truck. Instead, we're home, warm and hope that he is at work the next time we are in to Red Robin!



Supporting Victoria
Northlake Mall, NC



Team Member Comment
We here at Red Robin would like to celebrate one of our Team Members for truly representing our Red Robin culture. Kiss 95.1, Charlotte’s leading radio station is doing a fundraising drive and they have changed their name to “Victoria” 95.1 today. Victoria is a five year old girl who lives minutes from our location. She was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and as soon as the cancer diminished, she needed a heart transplant. Victoria got excellent care from the Levine’s Children’s Hospital and is doing much better today. 95.1 has made today all about Victoria and if you call into the radio station, you can request any song you would like with a donation to the Victoria fund at Levine’s. Spence, the general manager called in live on the air and pledged $100 as well as offered the family of Victoria a $100 gift card so she can have the best night ever at Red Robin. The amazing thing is that one of the Team Members, Erin, also called into the radio station a few minutes later and offered to donate ALL of her tips earned this Friday to Victoria. It’s Erin’s spirit that makes Red Robin so special. Erin is so excited to do this and posted on her Facebook page so everyone comes in and sits in her section. Thank you Erin for being so Unbridled!!!



Recognizing Service Members
West Chester, OH
We had a table of 12 service members from the U.S. Navy come in for lunch. After they arrived, a Guest dining with us told her server she would like to pay for the service members’ food. So she took care of the ENTIRE bill, added additional gratuity for the server, and got some hugs from some very appreciative service members! It was a very emotional moment, as many of us here in West Chester have family members and friends who have served or are serving in the military. It was a great day here at West Chester!
Helping a Family in Need
Canton, OH
There is a gentleman who has been on our strip for a while trying to obtain diapers and various other needs to take care of his wife and two little children. He and his family came to Ohio immediately upon find out that his mother is terminally ill. They have absolutely nothing. Another family that comes in all the time saw them on our strip and invited them to eat and took care of their meal. Upon hearing this, our Team Members went out of their way to raise enough money to get them a grocery gift card and a Red Robin gift card so they could eat.
Special Birthday Dinner
North Olmsted, OH
Guest Comment
My 18-month-old, Ryleigh, was recently diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. We almost lost her on my oldest daughter's 7th birthday. After Ryleigh got better and was sent home we stopped by Red Robin to give my oldest daughter a birthday dinner; she had to cancel her party due to the circumstances. Our server, Anna, took her own money and sent someone to buy my 7-year-old a birthday card and had everyone in the store sign it. She went above and beyond the call of a server. I know because I, too, am a server and nowhere do you ever see such amazing service.
Amy's Angels
Pittsburgh, PA

Once in a lifetime you will come across a special person — Amy, General Manager, Spouse, Mother of five and Friend to many — is that person. She had many obstacles thrown in her path and has yet to be distracted by any. Most of us after one brain surgery would be devastated, but after two, Amy did not even slow down. She was calling and texting her team throughout her recovery and continuing to lead by example with her team.

In Pittsburgh we held the “Amy's Angels” benefit concert. We had no idea how successful it would be. Seven bands donated their time and talent to help entertain. Team Members from across the region collected autographed jerseys and created baskets and we held a silent auction. At the fundraiser we raised $6,369 and all of the proceeds were donated to Amy's family. The teams at Pittsburgh Mills, South Hills, Settlers, Greensburg, Waterfront, Trinity and Cranberry have all worked very hard these past few months with fundraisers galore. Through the efforts of the division and the support from the Giving Fund we presented Amy's family with a check for $10,000!

Welcome to the Family
Nashville West, TN
I want to personally thank our server Keri and her manager Melinda for the best experience we have ever had at a restaurant. We were blessed with an official adoption of our son Aaron (10 years old) yesterday and he wanted to go to Red Robin to celebrate. Keri should be commended as she was absolutely amazing and, delivered the best service I have ever had. Aaron was treated like royalty and the kindness that was bestowed on our family was incredibly genuine! They had taken balloons and personally written congratulation messages on them and Melinda had gathered her staff in an attempt to come up with a song for the occasion. Instead we were blessed with amazing food, kind gestures and the best service EVER! At the end of our meal Aaron was treated to a wonderful chocolate cake with ice cream, chocolate drizzle and strawberries. To top it all off Melinda had given us a totally unexpected family discount. I can honestly say that I have never had a better dining experience in which the server, the manager, the food, and the gestures went above and beyond all expectations. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making a young boy even happier when he left than when he entered your restaurant.
Shopping Surprise
Indian Lake, TN

Guest Comment
I just wanted to thank one of your managers, I think his name is Chris. My wife and I were doing some shopping last night at Walgreens when I got off work. We have three kids and have to really budget, especially with my wife being disabled and not working. We were in line and debating on what items we had to return and what we could afford. Behind us in line was someone in a Red Robin uniform. He saw our stress and talked with us about our lives.

Long story short, Chris bought all of the items we needed for our kids, including diapers, formula, medicine and food. The best part was that he told us to pick out a toy for each kid so we could give them something to smile about. We told him that we could not accept it, but he told us to just help someone else out in the future. I hope this reaches him; I never truly got to thank him. It’s hard to find people that genuinely care and help others without getting something in return.

The Ice Cream Cone
Tomball, TX
Guest Comment
I have never visited a Red Robin restaurant before but if the servers are as friendly outside the restaurant as they are inside, then my family and I have just become regular Red Robin Guests. Tonight, I took my two youngest sons to a local ice cream shop for some ice cream and on our way out my littlest, Michael, dropped his cone on the ground. We went back inside and the lady told us that they were not responsible for what happened and we would just have to buy another. Unfortunately, I had only brought the few dollars I used to pay for the first ice cream cones, but a young lady, who I learned was from your restaurant, handed over her ice cream and said "I can always buy another." My little boy's eyes lit up and she completely saved the night. As she started to walk back inside my youngest, who's a talker, stopped her and began asking her questions about her favorite ice cream. Instead of dismissing him, she sat on the bench next to him and began talking to him. My kids were delighted that someone older wanted to talk to them and they started asking questions about the pins on her purse. She explained that she worked at Red Robin and that we should come in to visit with Red on Thursday nights. My son became fascinated with the ice cream pin so she removed it from her purse and handed it right to him. He has yet to take the pin off his shirt to go to bed. We would like to take the time to thank Mandy again for everything she did.
Welcome Home
Potomac Mills, VA
My family and I had a great experience while dining at your restaurant. I recently returned from Afghanistan and decided to surprise my family at home with my return. I brought my mother, brother, and sister to lunch at Red Robin after making my way home. Being a proud mom, my mother told our server about what was going on and why I was in uniform. Our server told the manager, Kyle, and he personally came over and thanked me for my service. After introducing himself, Kyle proceeded to tell us that the restaurant would cover our entire meal and it was their way of saying thank you. Now I would like to say thank you to Kyle and the rest of the staff there that day.
Make a Wish
We had a little girl and her family come in today, as part of the Make a Wish group. She has a brain tumor and is going through a rough time. Make a Wish, sent her and her family out for the day to explore Seattle, while they remodeled part of her home. After the aquarium they all came to red robin for lunch. Even though we were busy, we had a table all set up for her in her favorite colors, with a little stuffed animal and candy, and her favorite dessert with her favorite color frosting (pink on a choc chip cookie) Towards the end of lunch she started to feel ill from the chemo and her mom took her outside.  DeVaughn and the rest of the team all got together and went out to celebrate with her; they thanked her, gave a round of applause, and took a couple pictures ( Even though we had 50 on the wait) Everyone really made us all proud as they brought some joy and relaxation to a little girl and her family. Bottomless Fun, Unwavering Integrity, Genuine Spirt of Service, Extraordinary People. Thanks Team Pier.
Trash to Treasure
Monroe, WA
Last night we put the key card to my daughter’s daycare on the table and forgot it when we left. That key card happened to be wrapped in a sheet of paper and most likely looked like garbage. It was 8:30 when we realized our mistake. I immediately called and asked if the card had gotten turned in. I explained to the manager how important the card was, and someone from her crew dug through the trash looking for it for us. It was in the second to last bag they had to look through. I would like to thank Monroe Red Robin for going above and beyond the call of duty to help us out. They were friendly and accommodating the whole time they helped us out. Digging through all that garbage isn't something I would personally do with a good attitude but the Monroe employees managed to pull it off. Thank you so much!
Supporting the Special Olympics
Northgate, WA
Guest Comment
I visit this restaurant often and have had Mason wait my table a number of times. He is always exceptional and genuine. My daughter participates in the Special Olympics and he always remembers to ask her about it. This week we had been fundraising and were short of our goal so we were a bit disappointed. When it came time to pay the bill, I asked Mason to keep the change as his tip. He returned with the change and asked us to keep it as his donation for the Special Olympics. When I opened it, he had added an additional $10 to what I had left as his tip. This made my daughter's day.
A New Bike
Yakima, WA
On October 13, my home was broken into during the day while I was at work. My daughter came home to find our door wide open and our house trashed. My management team let me leave work immediately, and my fellow Team Members stepped up to take over my tables so I could rush home. What was most devastating was the look on my 14-year-old son's face when he realized that his brand new BMX bike that I just bought him for his birthday was gone. He was crushed and began to cry. I knew that I could not replace his bike since I had spent the last of my savings to buy it. Two days later, my team gave my son $200 that they raised to help replace his bike. I really just want them to know that what they did means the world to me. I could never thank them enough and there are no words to express what their generosity has replaced.
An Unexpected Gift
Bellingham, WA
Guest Comment
My wife and I met my sister for lunch to introduce our new adopted son, Travis. While I had to leave early, my wife, sister and Travis stayed a while longer. Before they left, they were presented with a gift from the Red Robin staff for our son. Someone left the restaurant during our dining time, purchased Travis a wonderful outfit to wear and presented it to my wife as they were preparing to leave. We were absolutely floored. Thank you so much for making a wonderful visit even better.
A Grateful Guest
Covington, WA
Guest Comment
I have been a long time fan of Red Robin. I have to say that the Covington location has really gone above and beyond. I was diagnosed with cancer and for months, was unable to eat. When I went back to my favorite restaurant, they remembered me and still treated me fantastically. When my treatments went bad and I had to stop frequently again, they checked on me to see how I was doing. Now, I need to have some work on my teeth that will cost between $7,000 and $30,000. The staff at Covington Red Robin stepped up and donated $110 on my medical website with a note that said, "We hope this helps! We are thinking of you and sending you warm well wishes! Hope to see you soon!" Just knowing that they are thinking of me means the world to me.
A New Battery
Auburn Super Mall, WA
Guest Comment
I ate a lovely dinner at Red Robin last night and the service was excellent. Afterward a friend and I sat outside in my vehicle until late visiting and catching up. Then, very inconveniently in the dark, my car battery died and my window was stuck down with my valuables inside the car. Your employee, Brian, very generously came out, took a look at the car, tried jumping it and quickly determined I needed a new battery. We were near a Wal-Mart so I went there with my friend in her car, purchased a battery and he quickly installed it for me! A life saver! I felt like I was back in the old days when people cared about strangers. Thank you for having such great caring employees with great work ethic and all around big hearts, citizenship and integrity.
Celebrating 30 Years
Bellingham, WA
Guest Comment
I want to say thanks to the Red Robin Bellingham staff and specifically to our waitress, Jillian. She was outstanding! She was friendly, personable and picked up that my wife and I would be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary in a few days. She congratulated us and shared a personal story of her parents. She then took the initiative and kind gesture of providing me and my wife a dessert on behalf of Red Robin, followed by an anniversary card signed by all the staff with a little personal note by each. This touched our hearts and we have never been treated like that at a restaurant. I wanted to say thanks to the Red Robin manager and staff, for following and supporting Jillian's lead of kindness.
Newly Engaged and Wowed by Team Members
Northgate, WA

Guest Comment
Red Robin has been a favorite restaurant of mine since 2005. Since my fiancé and I started dating I have been trying to convince her to give Red Robin a try. This morning, we attended a wedding expo and then went to the Northgate Mall to shop… a perfect opportunity to suggest Red Robin.

While entering the expo we had been labeled with bride and groom stickers that we'd forgotten to take off and ended up wearing into your restaurant. After a delicious veggie meal our server, Tom, approached with balloons, an envelope and the check. He congratulated us on our recent engagement (even though we hadn't mentioned it to him), gave us a bouquet of balloons, and informed us our meal was free! Wow! Later at home, when we opened the envelope, we were amazed to find a very fancy card signed by the whole Red Robin team!

Celebrating a Student
Federal Way, WA
Guest Comment
Red Robin is my 9-year-old son's favorite place. My son received student of the month today at his school and I took him to Red Robin to have a celebration lunch. Our server, Justin, was quick to ask why my son was not in school and we told him why we were celebrating. He made my son feel so very special, asking questions, and telling him that student of the month was really cool. Soon the manager walked over and said to my son, "I hear you are student of the month!" My son was amazed that someone else knew! WOW! He thought that it was so cool that these strangers thought that being student of the month was just as cool as he thought that it was. The manager informed us that he was going to buy his lunch. How very generous! After we were about half finished with our lunch another waiter walked over to our table and said to my son, "I hear you are student of the month!" My son's jaw dropped! Three people that he did not know just made this 9-year-old's day. He felt so special. It was so nice of the manager to pick up the tab but what was even more appreciated, was the encouragement for a job well done at school. Thank you Federal Way Red Robin for making a 9-year-old feel like one great kid!
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