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Burgers for Better schools by Red Robin.
Burgers for Better Schools

Thanks for your participation in Burgers for Better Schools. We heard your feedback, and on 4/30/17, the program will be coming to an end to make way for even better school fundraising opportunities!

Red Robin fundraising
SCRIP Fundraiser

What is SCRIP? Red Robin gives a discount to Great Lakes Scrip Center, which is then passed along to your nonprofit. When the gift card is sold by the nonprofit for full face value, this discount becomes revenue for the organization. Example: If your organization purchases 40 $25 gift cards ($1,000), they'll only pay $910. Your organization will then sell the gift cards at face value and raise $90 for your program.

Organization must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to qualify for the discount. It's an easy way to raise money for your organization. Simply follow these three easy steps:

1. Contact Great Lakes Scrip Center at 800-727-4715 or visit their website

2. Purchase gift cards at a 9% discount (no minimum order required).

3. Your organization will sell the gift cards at face value and keep the difference.

Don't want to wait for the gift cards to arrive? Purchase virtual gift cards here.

If your organization isn't a 501(c)(3), you can still order gift cards at a discount by calling 888-733-5355. Must order a minimum of $500 in gift cards to receive a 10% discount.