Supply Chain Integrity

Gourmet Cheeseburger, Steak Fries and fresh ingredients

High Quality Ingredients

Our standards for food quality and safety are among the highest in the restaurant industry. We handle and prepare all ingredients using strict safety and sanitation measurements, and we check our suppliers regularly to make sure they are meeting or exceeding them.


BEEF: All-natural, domestic, USDA-inspected 100% beef — free of preservatives, artificial and added ingredients.


Our Finest and Gourmet Burgers are made with all-natural, domestic, 100% USDA-inspected beef, free of preservatives, artificial and added ingredients. Both our Finest and Gourmet burger patties are fresh and never frozen.


Our Tavern patty is also made with all-natural, domestic, USDA-inspected 100% beef. These patties, which are used for only a limited portion of our menu, are frozen prior to distribution.  We do this because a frozen patty of this size flame broils perfectly on our cooking equipment, delivering the quality and satisfaction our Guests know and love with our Tavern Burgers.


POULTRY: No hormones. No steroids. 100% of our chicken comes from family-owned farms, where they are fed a vegetarian diet and are raised cage free.


PORK: Humanely and domestically raised pork. Bacon is hardwood smoked.  All specialty bacons (such as our peppered and candied bacons) are made in house.


LETTUCE: All salad greens are harvested from GMO-free family farms, and hand-selected upon delivery.


DRESSING/SAUCES:  Many of our sauces and dressings are freshly prepared in-house.


STEAK FRIES: Red Robin’s bottomless steak fries are made from GMO-free potatoes, the highest quality all-natural, premium domestic potatoes and are grown on family owned farms.


TORTILLA CHIPS: House made, freshly prepared to order, all-natural sea salt.


COD: Premium, US Grade A, ocean-caught from Arctic Waters and hand-cut.  Our cod is Hand-battered in our restaurants and made to order.


MILK: All from local dairies.  All milk is 1% (lowfat)


RED ROBIN GLUTEN FREE SEASONING SALT:  Red Robin seasoning salt is all natural and free of the Big 8 food allergens (Wheat, Eggs, Peanut, Tree Nut, Milk, Fish Shellfish and Soybean and is Gluten Free.  Made with sea salt, natural cane syrup, dried vegetables, and natural smoke.


SWEET POTATO FRIES:  Red Robin’s sweet potato fries are made from all-natural, GMO Free sweet potatoes, which are grown on family owned farms and are handpicked and selected to create the best Red Robin sweet potato fries.


YUKON CHIPS:  Red Robin’s Yukon Chips are made from the highest quality all-natural, premium domestic, GMO-free potatoes, which are grown on family owned farms.  Freshly prepared to order with all natural Sea Salt.


GUACAMOLE:  Guacamole made from Hass avocados, fresh-squeezed lime juice, and sea salt, with no added preservatives.


RED ROBIN BUNS:  All made with enriched flour.


GLUTEN FREE BUN:  Available in all Red Robin restaurants.


VEGGIE PATTY: A Red Robin custom blended, ancient grain and quinoa veggie patty.  This patty is considered vegan and free of gluten.   


SANGRIA:  100% all-natural and made from Spanish Tempranillo grapes, fresh blood orange and lemon juices

Red Robin does not use any of the following additives or ingredients

Acesulfame K

Aluminum Calcium Silicate/Bentonite

Ammonium Chloride

Artificial Smoke Flavor


Azo Dyes


Benzoyl Peroxide

Bromated Flour

Brominated Vegetable Oil

Caffeine (added, not naturally occurring – exception fountain drinks)

Calcium Bromate

Calcium Sorbate

Calcium stearoyl-2-lactylate



Carboxymethyl Cellulose




Dipotassium Sulfate


Ethyl vanillin

Ethylene oxide

Foie Gras

Hydrogenated Starch


Methyl silicon


Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)




Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)

Potassium Bisulfate

Potassium Bromate



Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Stannous Chloride




Windmill on a farm

Suppliers Doing Their Part

Red Robin sources approximately 240 ingredients from approximately 75 suppliers and our quality standards are among the highest in the industry. Here are ways that some of our growers help maintain the sustainability and integrity of our supply chain:


Reduction in Carbon Emissions

Focusing on the use of fuel efficient truck fleets, upgrading farm equipment with the latest emission control technologies, and replacing diesel irrigation pups with electric units.


Recycling and Resource Replenishment

Using recycled, recyclable and reusable materials for produce packaging and shipping, as well as sourcing packaging from Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified suppliers.


Integrated Pest Management

Using a variety of methods, including the use of beneficial insects to control pests, to minimize the use of pesticides.


Soil Treatment Programs

Maintaining rich, healthy soils through the use of compost and various other soil enhancements.


Water Management

Maximizing efficiency of water use and reuse, and reducing wastewater and runoff.


Environmental Stewardship

Harmonizing the demands for food safety with the desire to maintain the viability and health of natural habitats.

Cows grazing in an open field

Animal Welfare

At Red Robin, Unwavering Integrity is part of our brand promise. (It’s the “U” in our core B.U.R.G.E.R. values.) We are committed to doing the right thing – even when no one is looking. That includes our commitment to farm animal welfare -- seeking and supporting suppliers that exceed the highest industry standards for humane farming. Here are some examples of what we are currently doing to support the humane treatment of farm animals in our supply chain.


Cage-free Eggs – Red Robin began adding cage-free eggs to our supply chain in 2009. Since then, while the availability and cost of cage-free eggs has varied, we continue to serve cage-free eggs in all of our restaurants in California – by far our biggest market which represents approximately 20% of all Red Robin egg purchases.


Broiler Chicken Welfare - Red Robin is committed to working with our suppliers and others in the food industry to, by 2024, align with broiler chicken welfare standards established by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP). These GAP standards include a transition to breeds that have improved welfare outcomes, reduction in maximum stocking density to provide more space for birds per GAP standards, improvements in growing environment for birds -- including litter, lighting and enrichment -- and processing that uses a humane, multi-step controlled-atmosphere system.


No Added Hormones or Steroids – Our poultry is free of any added hormones and steroids, 100% sourced from family-owned farms that do not use antibiotics to promote animal growth.  In addition our turkey supplier is American Humane Association certified, and our chicken wings and sliced turkey are produced using humane controlled atmosphere processing methods.


Humanely Raised Pork – Our current sources of pork products include suppliers that have transitioned to group housing of sows and away from the use of gestation crates.


Dairy Products – Our suppliers of cheese and other dairy products are participants in the National Milk Producers Federation FARM (Farmers Assuring Responsible Management ) program, which holds members to "the highest standard of animal care, and environmental and antibiotic stewardship." We encourage suppliers in our dairy supply chain to support industry efforts that promote the humane care and handling of cattle, including continued exploration of responsible polled breeding practices.


Plant Based Proteins – Red Robin is pleased to offer our Guests plant-based protein options for their Gourmet Burgers, with two non-meat, vegan patties that are also gluten-free:  Red Robin’s Veggie Patty, custom blended from ancient grains and quinoa.


Third-Party Animal Welfare Audits - We require all of our suppliers to participate in third-party audits to ensure the humane treatment of all animals in Red Robin's supply chain, as well as compliance with our animal welfare standards. We follow up on any reports of farm animal mistreatment and take actions consistent with our animal welfare policy. Any supplier who fails to comply with our animal welfare standards is subject to removal from our supply chain.


With a Relentless Focus on Improvement (also among our core B.U.R.G.E.R. values), we are always striving to be better. We continue to support supplier and food industry initiatives that promote the humane treatment of farm animals and expand the availability of humanely raised food for our guests.