Over 40 years of burger expertise has led to this: Red Robin's Finest. Our premium line of juicy, fire-grilled, 1/2 pound Black Angus burgers are stacked with the freshest premium toppings to create an exceptional burger experience.

Red Robin Finest Smoke & Pepper Burger
Smoke & PepperTM

Winner of the 2013 South Beach Wine & Food Festival Best of the Bash burger competition. We hand-selected the very finest ingredients for a sure-fire winner. Topped with black-pepper bacon and extra-sharp Cheddar on a toasted ciabatta bun with house-made Smoke & Pepper ketchup.

Red Robin Finest Black & Bleu Burger
Black & Bleu

A true knife-and-fork burger. Sautéed, blackened portobello mushrooms, grilled onions, house-made Bleu cheese sauce and Bleu cheese crumbles with Dijon sauce on a toasted ciabatta bun.

Red Robin Finest Southern Charm Burger
The Southern Charm Burger®

Mind your manners around this burger with brown sugar-glazed 1/2 pound Black Angus beef patty, candied bacon, house-made honey BBQ sauce, extra-sharp cheddar, seared red onions, lettuce and mayo on a toasted ciabatta bun.

Red Robin's first Chicken Finest Burger, the Marco Pollo.
The Marco PolloTM

Try the first Finest chicken burger ever. An all-natural, 7-ounce butterflied chicken breast topped with melted Fontina cheese, peppered bacon, fresh arugula and house-made oven-roasted tomato aioli spread on an artisan telera bun.

The Bee's KneesTM

Sweet with a little heat, this mouth-watering twist on chicken and waffles features an all-natural, crispy, tempura-fried chicken breast glazed in Angry Orchard® honey, spicy jalapeño relish, citrus-marinated tomatoes and onions with shredded romaine on a Belgian waffle bun. The name says it all.

Red Robin Finest DGB Burger
The D.G.B.TM

Perhaps our Finest burger yet. Oven-roasted tomatoes, savory roasted garlic aioli and fresh arugula tossed in citrus olive oil dressing on a toasted ciabatta bun. After one bite you’ll say, “That’s one Damn Great Burger!”

Citrus Harissa Salmon Finest Burger
Citrus Harissa Salmon

This fresh and flavorful Finest creation features a juicy, pan-seared and lightly blackened 6-oz. salmon fillet with roasted red pepper harissa aioli, crisp tempura lemon wheels, citrus-marinated tomato and onion with fresh arugula on a toasted telera bun. Served with Bottomless Steak Fries®. Pair with Kendall-Jackson® Chardonnay