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Cold Beers

Blue Moon® Belgian White

The hint of orange in this Belgian-style wheat ale is a perfect match for our tropical Banzai Burger®

Stella Artois®

This sophisticated Belgian pilsner puts the final touch on our most excellent Black & Bleu Burger

Bud Light®

A refreshing favorite that tastes great with our Bacon Cheeseburger

Corona Extra®

Its quintessential twist of lime goes great with our Guacamole Bacon Burger

Michelob Ultra®

A low-calorie lager that gives center stage to the heat of our famous Burnin' Love Burger®

Not Your Father's® Root Beer

This award-winning root beer has 5.9% ABV and offers a silky and smooth finish that pairs well with our Southern Charm Burger®

Angry Orchard® Hard Cider

A refreshing cider with a fresh, full body.

Samuel Adams Seasonal

Ask your server for our current selection.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager®

Full of flavor, yet balanced and complex, just like our A.1.® Peppercorn Burger

Coors Light®

Pure, cold refreshment perfect for putting out the flames of the Fiery Ghost® Tavern Double Burger


This famously rich and creamy stout from the Emerald Isle tastes even better with our Bleu Ribbon Burger


A crisp, pale lager perfect for washing down our Prime Chophouse Burger

Miller Lite®

A light but flavorful beer that pairs perfectly with our Smoke & Pepper™ Burger

Omission® Pale Ale

A delicious, award-winning beer with a smooth finish

Lagunitas IPA®

A well-rounded, drinkable IPA with a bit of Caramel Malt barley to mellow out the hops. Try it with the Buzz Mac 'N' Cheese Tavern Double burger