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Cream Sodas

Orange Cream Soda

A delicious blend of candied orange and Sprite® topped with whipped cream. 3.79

Raspberry Cream Soda

Enjoy wild raspberry, Sprite® and the thrill of stirring in our whipped cream to create a soda that's outta this world! 3.29
Word on the Street
  • angielofthouse
    PSA: The orange cream soda at Red Robin has a tendency to explode. #youhavebeenwarned #stillyummythough

  • BBFan2407
    @bigbrotherbubba today at Red Robin I had an orange cream soda and it was life changing

  • NCPanthersgurl
    Orange cream soda? Omg yes. First Red Robin trip, so far quite happy haha. And baby shopping with my mom.