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Towering Doh! Rings™

Doh! Why didn't we think of it before? Of course it's delicious when croissants mix with donuts! Enjoy this tasty towering treat with layers of flavors served with hot fudge and berry dipping sauces. Towering Doh! Ring of 8
Towering Doh! Ring of 8  8.99
Doh! Ring Shorty™ of 4  6.49
Word on the Street
  • Micolai160
    If gourmet burgers & bottomless fries weren't enough, THIS happened at @redrobinburgers, "Towering Doh! Rings." YUM!

  • Vannnnaa
    WOW. @redrobinburgers DOH! Rings (cronies) are DELICIOUS! ??

  • TheJoshCatlett
    @redrobinburgers D'oh! Are the Doh rings really gone?! Say it isn't so! #mancy