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Ensenada Chicken™ Platter

Ensenada Chicken™ Platter

Two fire-grilled chicken breasts basted with ancho seasoning, topped with fresh salsa and creamy salsa-ranch dressing. Served with a mixed greens salad with Cheddar cheese, tomatoes and tortilla strips. 12.89

Ensenada Chicken™ Platter- One Chicken Breast

Or lighten it up with one chicken breast. 10.49
Word on the Street
  • djsammydu
    Still eating healthy when I'm out.. Ensenada chicken platter from Red Robins, 360 calories 44 grams

  • randy_adam
    Ensenada chicken platter with a Cesar salad :) #yummm #diet @ Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

  • patrick_swenson
    A no-brainer comparison....Ensenada Chicken Platter at Red Robin: 500 calories. Hostess package of Honey Buns : 560 calories.