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Grilled chicken breast, hardwood-smoked bacon, Bleu cheese crumbles, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes and avocado on mixed greens. Served with garlic toast and choice of dressing. 11.29
Word on the Street
  • Kurah_
    I rly want a cobb salad from Red Robin.. #sogood

  • lyssalouuuu
    Cobb salad from red robin sounds bomb right now

  • Steph
    I forgot to take a picture but had this amazingness for lunch today! Avo-Cobb-O salad from Red Robin. It's a huge salad for #13pp but I didn't finish it. I did eat the ciabatta and a little bit of fat free ranch though. Even stevens? Lol #weightwatchers #wwsupport #wwonline #wwsisterhood #wwmafia #wwdivas #wwlunch #wwfooddiary