Panel Member

At Red Robin, we value the opinions of our Guests so we’re continuously seeking your feedback to help us innovate and improve your experience.


Q: So, what does it mean to be a Red Robin Panel Member?

A: It means you will be the first to see and provide feedback on our new ideas and menu items.


Q: What types of activities will I be asked to participate in as a panel member?

A: Activities could include, but aren’t limited to: taste tests, focus groups and other research projects.


Q: Where will these activities take place?

A: Either at our testing facility in the Denver Tech Center or at a local Red Robin near you.


Q: Will I be compensated for my time and opinions?

A: Of course! All panelist members who apply, qualify and participate in an activity will be compensated. Compensation varies by activity.


Q: How long do these activities last?

A: On average they last an hour; however, it could be more or less depending on the activity.


Q: Can I sign up for the panel under different email addresses to give me a better chance to be included?

A: To be fair to all those who want to participate, we do not allow people to have more than one profile. Duplicate records will be removed.