Fundraising with Red Robin

Raise Some Cheddar For The Better!

We strive to make a difference in the communities where we do business. That includes providing opportunities for community groups and non-profits to raise funds while getting their Yummm® on!

Raising a glass to fundraising at Red Robin

Two ways to raise

Red Robin is your home for fundraising. From arts, music and education to community projects, clubs, and beyond – choose your preferred method to raise funds for your program. Either way, incentivizing people with Bigger, Juicier Burgers is a sure-fire way to get the needle moving.

Family at a fundraising event at Red Robin

Fundraising Event - 20% Back

20% of eligible net Dine-in and To-Go food sales go back to your organization when you schedule and promote your event.

Gift cards over photo of young boy enjoying a milkshake.

Gift Card Sales - 20% Back

Get a 20% bulk discount, then sell at face value. Your organization keeps the difference.