Giving Fund Documentation Requirements

The Giving Fund committee may require further documentation depending on the situation. All emergency events must be unforeseen and must have occurred within the past 4 months. Applications must have a letter of explanation with them stating why this is a financial hardship. Progressive situations are not eligible.

Illness or Injury

  • Past due rent/mortgage statement
  • Past due basic utilities (internet and phone are not included)
  • Doctor’s note stating the dates missed from work
  • 3 copies of regular paystubs (prior to leave)
  • Copies of itemized medical bill statements (after insurance has paid or self-pay discount has been applied)

natural disaster

(hurricane, tornado, flood, ice/wind/snow storm affecting the TM’s primary residence)

  • Statement from insurance company regarding deductible information, damage and what is covered.
  • Statement from community organization assisting the team member (e.g. American Red Cross, fire/police department, shelter, etc.)
  • If repairs are needed, must provide itemized invoice from contractor
  • Letter of intent to rent that states move-in fees (if needing to move)
  • Copies of any emergency housing receipts from hotels (if needed)
  • List of necessary items lost due to the disaster


  • Itemized funeral invoice (if death of spouse, child or legal guardian)
  • 3 copies of regular paystubs
  • Travel receipts to attend the funeral/make arrangements
  • Copy of the death certificate, obituary or funeral program

uninhabitable or condemned housing

(residence is condemned or deemed uninhabitable due to unsafe living conditions, rodent/insect infestation)

  • Inspection report or other supporting documentation showing how the home is uninhabitable
  • Statement from the landlord (if renting)
  • Letter of intent to rent that states move-in fees


(loss of a spouse’s job or TM’s second job due to a lay-off or company closure within the past 4 months)

  • Copy of the termination letter with date and reason of termination
  • 3 copies of their last paystubs
  • Copy of your past due rent/mortgage statement

foreclosure of an owned property or eviction

(An eligible emergency must have occurred within the past 4 months, which led the TM to fall behind to be eligible for assistance)

  • Supporting documentation of the emergency event
  • Foreclosure or eviction notice

unforeseen sale or foreclosure of a leased property

(for associates who RENT from a private landlord ONLY)

  • Submit proof of sale or foreclosure
  • Copy of their current lease

domestic abuse

  • Police report, restraining order or doctor’s note documenting the abuse
  • Letter of intent to rent that states the move-in fees

car replacement

(If the car is not worth the repairs or totaled in an accident)

  • Itemized repair estimate showing car is not worth the repairs
  • Purchase agreement for a replacement car you would like to purchase
  • Statement from insurance company (if car accident)
  • Police Report (if car accident)

car repairs

(unforeseen, does not include regular maintenance items such as oil change, brakes or tires)

  • Itemized repair estimate

For additional questions, please contact the Red Robin Foundation at [email protected] or call 303-846-5492