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Do you have what it takes to finish the Gold Medal Burger – THREE juicy patties with all the fixins’ plus a round of Bottomless Steak Fries? Share your name for a chance to be featured in our Gold Medal Burger Hall of Fame.




Gold Medal Burger Hall Of Fame

Pauline D.

Anthony R.

Dan R.

Ashley M.

John T.

Samuel S.

Carter V.

Vincent W.

Jerome D.

Ranka M.

Gerald V.

Nicholas V.

Ashley W.

Dennis S.

Alexander C.

Loren S.

Rolando M.

Jon O.

Albert M.

Reid R.


THREE Juicy Patties. THREE Layers Of Cheese.
All the glory!

Gold Medal Burger

Gold medal Burger

A challenge worth its weight in gold.

Let the games begin! Our Gold Medal Burger is the pinnacle of mouth-watering accomplishments with THREE juicy patties, THREE layers of cheese, Red’s relish, mayo, pickles, yellow onion, lettuce and tomato. Go for the glory!

Finish the burger and maybe you'll make the Gold Medal Burger Hall of Fame!

Star Spangled Spritzer

Add a Star-Spangled Spritzer

Dine-in only.

Embrace your red, white and blue with this celebration of refreshment. Wild Raspberry syrup and Sprite® topped with blue cotton candy! Served in a light-up cup that’s yours to keep while supplies last.

Pairs patriotically with the Gold Medal Burger!

Go for the Gold With Our Gold Medal Burger at Red Robin

Think back to all of those hot and juicy Gourmet Burgers you've consumed at Red Robin, how they felt nestled in your hands, how the delicious taste had you craving more. That wasn't just a normal lunch or dinner; nay, nay. You were training, my friend. Training for the most important burger event in Red Robin history: The Gold Medal Burger Challenge. If you have what it takes to tackle this momentous burger, you could end1 up in the history books, revered by all. Okay, maybe that's taking it a little far; but you could end up in the Gold Medal Burger Hall of Fame, and isn't that worth it?

Our Gold Medal Burger is the very definition of YUMMM®! Three freshly-cooked beef patties topped with three slices of melty cheddar cheese, fresh yellow onions, lettuce and tomato as well as crispy pickles, Red's relish and creamy mayo. Served with a generous side of hot and crispy Bottomless Steak Fries®, it's the pinnacle of mouth-watering burger accomplishments. Do you have what it takes to go for glory and finish our Gold Medal Burger? Stop by your local Red Robin today to go for the gold, and maybe we'll see your name in the Gold Medal Burger Hall of Fame!