How it works


We’re looking for authentic and fun videos from Team Members that represent Red Robin in an engaging way – nothing too polished or over-produced. Low-key, organic footage works just perfect. Here are some content suggestions to increase the chances that yours gets posted, and ultimately earns you some extra spending money.


If you need inspiration check out a great sample here — and another one here


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Feel free to stretch the brand a bit on TikTok versus our otherwise PG-rated channels.

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People, culture, fun

Build creative, candid or light-hearted content focused around the brand and Team Members.

illustration of mascot RED

Good ole, Red

If available at your restaurant, Red is typically a willing cast member and makes people smile.

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Menu Items

Core menu items always make for delicious video content and great engagement. If using LTO items, submit your video early in the promo window.

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When it comes to social media, we are a trend curator verus trend setter. Our content is most engaging when we bring known, appropriate trends to life in the context of our brand through commentary.

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Things to avoid

Avoid sexual innuendos, threats, explicit music, filming Guests, blatant advertising, videos of heart of house (unless it is focused on food and hands or burger builds). And we know this goes without saying, but please make sure videos are captured during down time and in a manner that does not affect the Guest experience.


We are in search of authentic, spirited videos from Team Members to represent Red Robin in an exciting and engaging way. This could even include our beloved mascot, RED, if he is available at your restaurant. In the end, if your video is posted, you will receive a $100 gift card! This is intended to be fun for all and show our culture as a brand, so we look forward to seeing all of the Field’s submissions!

In order to conduct this program safely and effectively, we need for all participants to understand and agree to certain guidelines around how videos should be created and what should or shouldn’t be included within them, and we need for everyone involved to agree to the Terms of Participation below.



Let’s start with some guidelines about videos.  Through this program, we aim to be:


Trend Curators

We know and understand what’s happening and we bring trends to life through our commentary.


Unique to TikTok

We want to stretch the Red Robin brand on TikTok, having more “PG-13” fun than our otherwise PG-rated channel. We want this content to be authentic to TikTok, which might push the envelope more than other social channels. 



Our videos should not look scripted, but instead should showcase our amazing Team Members and our FUN culture.


Responsible Role Models

We want to show that we have fun but in a safe and responsible way.



Videos should not impose upon anyone or use anyone’s name or likeness without their permission (including other Team Members).

To achieve the above, keep the following Do’s and Don’ts in mind when producing videos for submission:


DO Get Permission

Any Team Members included in your video need to know and understand that they are participating in this program voluntarily and of their own free will, and that they can refuse to participate if they so choose.  By participating in a video, Team Members grant to Red Robin the right to use their name, image, and performance in the video for any and all purposes.

In order to be eligible, your video must begin with all Team Members who appear in it giving the “thumbs up” signal to indicate that they have consented to participate; if your video is selected to be posted on TikTok or anywhere else, this portion of the video will be edited out – it’s just for our internal records.

If you want to include music in your video, you can only use music that is cleared for commercial use from TikTok’s library!


DO Be Safe and Comply with Rules

Your video should not depict any activity that is dangerous or unsafe or is otherwise not permitted in your restaurant or that violates health, safety, or conduct rules – be smart!


DON’T Use Controversial Content

Your video should not contain content that is inappropriate, indecent, obscene, hateful, defamatory, slanderous, or libelous, including but not limited to statements, materials, images, descriptions, references, and the like that promote bigotry, racism, hatred, or harm against any group or individual or that promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age, or any other attribute.


DON’T Copy

Your video shouldn’t be a rip-off of movies or tv shows that others did first.


DON’T Feature Guests

Securing and documenting permission from guests can be difficult and potentially off-putting, so please refrain from featuring anyone other than team members in your video.  If guests appear in the background, we reserve the right to blur them or otherwise edit them out.


DON’T Show Heart of House 

Unless it is focused in on the hands of a burger or shake build.

In order for your video to be eligible and to be considered for the Program, it must comply with all of the above; we reserve the right to disqualify any video submitted if we believe it does not comply, and our decisions in this regard are binding and final.