Game Day Watch Party
Top picks for the Big Game!

Cover the spread with Red Robin. With a perfect menu of football party food or catering, fans will flock to your watch party. From shareable appetizers and burger bars to chicken wings and kids meals — your Big Game party will be THE Big Game Party.

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Tailgating around the Gourmet Burger Bar
Tailgating around the Gourmet Burger Bar
Overhead view of Wing & Sauce Bar

Gourmet Chicken wing
& Sauce Bar

Football parties bring out ravenous fans in every household, with an appetite to match. Be prepared with our catering bundles. With Burger Bundles, Pizza Bundles and Kids Bundles – you’ll have everything you need to tackle any appetite.

Red Robin Catering Gourmet Burger Bar

Gourmet Burger Bar

From the long-time football loyalists to the budding young fanatics — make sure you’ve got everyone covered with The Gourmet Burger Bar. Our signature toppings, diverse proteins, and sauces will satisfy even the pickiest of appetites.

Crispy Chicken Tender wraps, Pretzel Bites, House Salad

Shareable Sides and Appetizers

What’s a Big Game watch party without a variety of finger food? Set out something for every football fan. From Boneless Wings, Fresh Salads, and Pretzel Bites to Mac & Cheese, Yukon Chips and plenty more – it’s Red Robin Catering for the win!

Red Robin Catering Bundles

Catering Bundles

The Big Game brings out ravenous football fans in every household, along with an appetite to match. Be prepared with our catering bundles. With Burger Bundles, Pizza Bundles and Kids Bundles – you’ll have everything you need to tackle any appetite.

Score Big With Red Robin Catering

Get ready to tackle The Big Game with Red Robin's epic game day catering options that'll have your taste buds doing a victory dance! We've crafted a playbook of deliciousness that features mouth-watering burgers, crispy wings, and crowd-pleasing appetizers that will make your game day celebration a winner. From towering stacks of gourmet burgers to a whole flock of our famous chicken wings and more, we've got all the fan-favorite flavors to keep your party fueled and fun. With Red Robin catering, you can focus on the touchdowns, tackles, and unforgettable moments while we handle the delicious eats. So, let the flavor-filled festivities begin – it's time to huddle up and savor The Big Game with Red Robin!

Choose From Our Mouth-Watering Options

Kick off the excitement of The Big Game with Red Robin catering, where we take care of all the work, leaving you to enjoy your favorite football party foods. Dive into our Big Red Box that features the Gourmet Chicken Wing & Sauce Bar, showcasing succulent bone-in wings accompanied by a tasty selection of our signature sauces like Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Buzz, Teriyaki, and more. Crunchy celery sticks on the side add the perfect touch. Also, our Gourmet Burger Bar allows your guests to craft their own burgers from a selection of protein choices, signature Red Robin toppings, and numerous sauce options. Yukon Kettle Chips are a supremely crunchy side. Shareable Sides and Appetizers are also available in our Big Red Box; including offerings such as fresh salads, boneless wings, pretzel bites, Mac & Cheese, and more.

You can also call an audible and choose our Catering Bundles for your game day catering. Enjoy some of our Burger Bundles, Pizza Bundles, and even Kids Bundles. When you choose Red Robin catering for your football party foods, you'll be the MVP of the day. Place your order today, then sit back and relax while our team supplies the noms. At Red Robin, every occasion is YUMMM®!

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