America's Greatest Gourmet Burgers

Our new grilling process is just the beginning to better gourmet burgers.

Banzai Burger with Steak Fries

Grab some napkins. It's gonna get juicy.

Red Robin is doubling down on Yummm® and not looking back — because tastes change, but flavor is forever. Join us as we blaze the road to deliciousness which begins with NEW! BIGGER, JUICIER BURGERS.



Our NEW! Bigger, Juicier Burger experience is coming soon to our Canada locations. Contact your local restaurant for details.

Royal Red Robin Burger dripping yolk onto stack of napkins
Beef patty with cheese on flat top grill

New grills for us.

Juicier burgers for you.

We’ve had our eye on this grill for awhile. Call it a self-care gift — our old grills were fine, but this new one? Forget about it. It’s the driving force behind the juicy. Our new cooking and searing method coaxes out flavor you never thought possible. It traps in seasoning, crisps and caramelizes your patty, and creates even heat distribution for consistent Yummm every time. Throw in our proprietary blend of all-natural beef and seasonings and you have something you absolutely can’t make at home. And isn’t that the point?

Brioche buns on sheet pan

The only container for uncontainable flavor.

New toasty, buttery brioche.

Our new brioche bun is the unsung hero on the journey to a better burger — buttery, toasty goodness, providing a soft-spoken bed of richness and flavor for our bigger, juicier patties. You might say we've bun-upped ourselves. So whether you're taking on one of our chef-created faves, or customizing to fit your lifestyle, you can be sure its default bun is anything but ordinary.

Stacked plates

Plate-worthy burgers

They deserve thrones. but those are hard to wash.

Take your first bite and you know — bigger, juicier, hand-crafted, gourmet burgers with never-before-seen flavor — a basket just won’t do. Don’t get us wrong, we’re the same unpretentious Gourmet Burger expert as before, but we’re like, super-proud parents right now. And no one puts this burger in a basket.

Smoke and Pepper Burger with Steak Fries

Bigger. juicier. burgerier.

Than what you ask?

Well... than all your burgery expectations. It's time, once again, for flavor to rule. We're driving forward with a plan for continued burger betterment. And with all these improvements, we're still focused on keeping Guests in control of their check. From Bottomless Sides and Beverages to Bottomless Rewards, leaving happy and satisfied is what you've come to expect from America's Greatest Gourmet Burgers.

Burger Guidance.

Need help deciding? Here are a few to get started with.

Smoke and Pepper Burger with Steak Fries

Big & bold

The Smoke & Pepper™ has flavor that never backs down.

The Southern Charm Burger with Steak Fries

Sweet & Savory

The Southern Charm hits all the notes.

Scorpion Burger

Spice it up

The Scorpion doesn't disappoint.

Bacon Cheeseburger

A safe bet

The Bacon Cheeseburger is like a trusted and juicy friend.

Banzai Burger

Big & juicy

They're all winners.